Call From Number

What is the Call From Number?

This is the number that you’ll be calling from, the number your prospect will see.

Is this local presence?

Orum does not support local presence at this time. The number you select are owned by you and not shared with other users.

How do I add a Call From Number?

Select the "+" icon to the right of the feature, right above the trash can icon. Then add an area code prefix to search for available numbers.

Press + Icon to Add

Enter Area Code to Search

How many call from numbers?

You can add up to 10 numbers.. This helps you cycle through phone numbers and keep things fresh.

When do numbers get refreshed?

Each month, you can remove up to 10 numbers and add new ones

Can I call from my own number?

Orum does not support calling from your own number at this time

How do I delete a Call From Number?

Select the # you want to delete, then press the trashcan icon to the right of it.

Press Trashcan to Delete Number
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