Create a Salesforce Report

For this example, we will show you how to create a Lead Report using the Lightning Interface in Salesforce. First, decide what kind of Report you will use. Here are the top 3 types of reports you may want to use:

Lead Report

Contact Report

Why can't I use a Lead View in Orum? We use Salesforce Reports to call from Orum. Lead Views are not supported.

Let's start with a Lead Report

First, find the Reports tab at the top of your Salesforce account. Reports not showing? You can usually find it in the More tab on the right side, or you may need to add it under More.

Click on Reports and then click on New Report. A window will popup asking you to "Chose Report Type" - type in the word "Leads" into the search bar and the then click on "Leads" in the list that appears.

On the far left side, there is a "Filters" column that may be hidden. Click on "Filters" (next to the "Outline" column)

Now you can see what filters are being used to select the report. The method to create the report here is similar to creating a Lead View, simply enter the name a field in the search box, chose the field and then enter the rules for that field. Typical fields for a call down list are:

Lead Owner (My Leads is the default)
Lead Source

Once you have the Filters right, you can Run the report to see if you get the expected Leads in the Report.

After you have the correct Leads showing, you can set the Fields that appear in the report. Click the Outline tab next to Filters.

You can click on the small down-arrow on any fields you wish to remove, the last choice in the drop down list is to Remove Column the field from the report.

You can add more fields, such as Phone on the left side in the Columns search bar. You can rearrange the order of the fields by dragging the top bar of the field right or left.

Salesforce needs you to click the Refresh button to see the new field layout every time. It can be a bit hard to find.

You will only be able to see information in Orum that is in the report. Make sure you have the correct Phone field in the report.

Finally, Save and Run the report, then check to make sure it has the correct Leads and Fields.

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