Orum currently supports direct dials and HQ phones with extensions. We are currently working to support dial trees (dial by name directories).

In the meantime, if you need help with choosing a data provider, please reach out to your account manager.

Orum partners with a variety of data providers and can help pick the right one for the team, including access to free trials.

For extensions, Orum:

Dials an extension only after the automated voice prompts for it.
Stays on the line if the voice says something like "please hold while we connect you."
Waits for any ringing, and detects and drops voicemails as needed.
Works with any extension format, so long as it's in the phone field (e.g. 555-5555 x123, #123, ;123, ext. 123, extension 123)

Lastly, if you are already using a data provider (like ZoomInfo or DiscoverOrg , etc), our List Intelligence will help you figure out which prospects you need to enrich with direct dials. It'll also identify old/bad phone numbers and test the validity of the data providers. Many data providers have an SLA, so Orum is a strategic way to protect your investment in such services.
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