Yes, Orum has a direct integration with Outreach. At a glance:

Users log in via Outreach.
Users can pull all call tasks, one-off call tasks (not part of a sequence), or call tasks for a specific sequence.
We pick the best phone in Outreach, prioritizing phones marked as valid with the green dot.
By default, we display the following fields while dialing: name, title, account name, LinkedIn URL, source, phone, call history, stage, tags, and time zone.
Users can customize the fields shown and their order in the new "Settings" section, picking from ~50 fields. Most of these fields are editable within Orum.
The call history that's shown includes prior calls with their dates, dispositions, and notes.
Call tasks are automatically completed if the call is successful (excluding dial tree, cancelled, failed, or busy)
Certain dispositions will automatically stop the sequence as per the mapping configuration in Outreach
Logged calls include disposition, note, recording URL (if recordings are enabled), from phone, to phone, and completed at time.
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