Device Considerations:

Orum supports two platforms for outbound dialing to Prospects:

Computer-based dialing
Phone-based dialing


Computer-dialing is the process of utilizing your internet connection to make a call. If you have ever used Google Voice, you have used a computer-dialing solution. When you use a computer, you are calling via the internet, allowing you to plug your headphones directly into your computer.


Convenience - Users can plug their headphones or headset direction into the computer if they wish to make a call.
Scalable - Users can leverage Voice when they have an internet connection, but don't have a landline, or very strong cell signal.


Quality Depends on Connection - Calling using a computer requires a reliable internet connection for good call quality. This includes both your connection speed and connection quality; therefore, optimal call quality requires specific network configurations to be met.

Orum recommends using a wired network connection. Poor Bluetooth connections can cause audio degradation.

With computer-based dialing, your calls will be placed using your computer's audio devices.

It is recommended to use a wired USB headset for the best quality.

When first placing a call using the computer-based dialing method, Orum will request permission to access your microphone through your browser. You will need to allow microphone access to make calls via your computer.


Dialing by a phone functions by dialing the via our alternative option using your landline or mobile number.


Quality - The call quality is what you would expect from a mobile phone or landline because this method leverages traditional telco (hard lines) and cell towers.
Convenience - Users can use their headphones or headset that connects to their landline or mobile phone.


Quality Depends on Service Coverage. Poor coverage could lead to poor call quality.

Note: Using a VOIP phone on top of an existing computer-based method is not recommended as this adds additional delay and there may be some feature incompatibility between systems. Only use a Mobile for Landline to dial in.
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