You can call 2 to 10 numbers simultaneously. Orum will call numbers until:

A human picks up, in which case you will get connected to them and all other calls will be cancelled
A call ends for some reason (went to voicemail, failed, busy tone, etc.), in which case a new number from the list will be dialed. Orum will tell you exactly why the call ended in the disposition it records to Salesforce—see List Intelligence.

Use the dropdown in the sidebar to change the number of simultaneous calls:

The best number to choose will be based on connect rate. If your connect rate is 10%, that means on average you'll have to dial 10 numbers to reach one person.

Here at Orum, we have a roughly 5% connect rate and our team calls between 4-6 numbers at a time. If you notice your team is connecting very frequently, it's likely that you're calling too many numbers at once, and you should tone it down. In contrast, if it takes a long time to connect to someone, increase the number of simultaneous calls.

Once someone picks up, Orum will cancel the other calls and set the following disposition "[Orum] Call - cancelled" for them.

We recommend you create an activity report filtering for this disposition so you can call back numbers that were cancelled, usually at a lower parallel dialing setting. See our post about Call Reporting for more details.
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