“Connects” in Orum are based on the settings you have mapped in the “Settings Tab”, under Connect Disposition.

Connects should be defined as speaking to the intended prospect.

Note: It is absolutely critical that reps are trained to mark dispositions accurately. Your disposition strategy should be highly granular, with very little room for ambiguity. For advice, reach out to your primary CSM.

Conversations: Number of “Connects” that exceed 60 seconds of talk time.

Conversation:Meeting Rate - Baseline 10%

This is calculated as the number of Meetings divided by the number Conversations.

If you’ve had 10 Conversations and have 1 Meeting, that's 1/10 = 10%.

Using Orum, a rep can realistically aim to have 5-10 Conversations a day. With a 10% conversion, this would yield 2.5 - 5 meetings/week, not counting any follow up meetings derived from corresponding Connects and Conversations.

If a rep is having 10+ conversations with the intended prospect and not converting there can be a few reasons.


The rep can initiate conversations but struggles to convert the call into a meeting. Managers should listen to these conversations in “Call History” to deliver coaching opportunities.

An example best practice is having all pre-call research on the prospect/account in fields that can be brought into Orum. Feeling unprepared is a common problem reps run into when adopting Orum and being effective on the call.

Target Quality

For example, having conversations with Target Prospects who end up not being right people to speak with regarding your solution.

In this case, reps should ask for a referral. Going forward, use the data gathered from these conversations to fine tune the ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)


While this can be a mix of #1, understanding what objections reps encountering are key.

If you haven’t yet instituted best practices with dispositions, then we suggest you add more granular objection dispositions to help understand what reps are running into and coach them appropriately.

Studies show ranges on the low end can be 5%, but teams that institute consistent cold call training routinely see reps converting 20%+ across all verticals, ICP’s, and prospect titles.
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