Orum was built at organizations leveraging an ABM model.

From one of our customers:

The best way to use Orum with an ABM approach is by segmenting lists. (i.e. my Insurance Vertical follow up list, I know what I am going to say every time), I also have hookless templates that use the territory and reference customers in territory to do ABM at scale.

Furthermore, SDR's are doing research and personalizing the first email of every sequence. They put this information into a "Call Notes" or "Pre-Call Research" field that pops up when we connect, so the SDR is prepared to have a strategic conversation.

My SDR’s typically call 20-30 contacts a day, but now they can hit each contact 3-4 times each, meaning our minimum call volume is 90-120/day.

This doesn’t account for also calling any leads active in Outreach/Salesloft sequences, meaning we can get to 300+ calls a day. Since they’ve done their research prior, there is no loss in quality and they can maintain a customized approach.

Hookless Call Script

Hi [Prospect Name], this is REP NAME from COMPANY.

I am reaching out because I saw that you were the [Prospect Title] at [Prospect Company], and we are working with several people in your position in [specific geography] at [drop local reference customer and or customers in same vertical]

{Bridge} - This is where you insert the 1-2 sentence customization done during pre-call research.

We are a new company [vertical/value prop] space, and I was curious to know how that aligns with some of your goals, and how that relates to you role... {Who we are/check question}
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