The call from number is the one prospects will see when you call them. Each rep can add up to 10 unique numbers, all of which are dedicated to that specific rep. These numbers are on us; there is no additional charge.

There are three main use cases for these numbers:

Change your number before dialing a list again. This helps you avoid calling a prospect with the same number multiple times.

Use a specific area code for a certain territory. For instance, you might want to use a 429 number for New York, or 408 for the Bay Area.

Have calls forward to your personal phone. Since these are dedicated numbers, we can forward any incoming calls from prospects back to your number directly. See the instructions below about call forwarding.

Adding a number is simple - click on the "Add Number" link.

First enter a prefix, which could be an area code or just some initial digit(s) in the number you're searching for. Then choose from the options displayed.

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